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What should the forum's policy on Clips4Sale users be?

Poll ended at Thu Aug 05, 2010 8:52 pm

Introduce a C4S post icon
Restrict each girl to one topic in the general forum
Create a separate forum just for C4S posts
It's fine as it is.
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Board policy on Clips4Sale users - VOTE HERE

Postby Wolfboy » Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:52 pm

In recent months there has been a significant increase in topics relating to Clips4Sale, many posted by the C4S girls themselves offering teasers for the lipstick-related clips they're selling. Some members of our forum enjoy the free content and may even go on to purchase the clips, but others see it simply as advertising and don't think it belongs in the general forum.

We've come up with four possible methods of dealing with this:
  • Introduce a C4S post icon - Leave the C4S posts in the general forum but mark them all with a C4S icon so they can be seen at a glance and ignored if the user wishes.
  • Restrict each girl to one topic in the general forum - Allow posts in the general forum, but restrict each C4S girl to a single topic which they can update with their new C4S content. The topic would be titled e.g. "C4S: CurvyCora", possibly with a post icon as above. Obviously they can also participate in other discussions as they wish.
  • Create a separate forum just for C4S posts - No C4S content would be allowed in the general forum.
  • It's fine as it is.

Due to the nature of the options, I'm also going to add an additional rule: we won't go with a separate forum unless it receives and overall majority, i.e. over 50% of the vote. The other three options all advocate keeping the C4S content in the general forum, so if that is the general concensus then that's what will be implemented. If the separate forum option wins but doesn't get an overall majority, then the most popular of the other options will be implemented.

Please don't reply to this topic unless it's to clarify something about the options or poll itself. Discussion about the C4S issue should instead go in the existing discussion thread.

(Just to clarify, this only relates to lipstick related C4S content. We have been tolerant of the odd non-lipstick related post, generally just moving it to the off-topic community forum, but in truth such material has no place here. This isn't a porn advertisement forum after all.)

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