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Postby LipCrvr » Sat Oct 30, 2010 2:51 am

how about another dimension to this quagmire- what if the c4s gals had their own spotlight?what bad /negative would come out of it?none.all the c4s gals would have plenty of room to show their vids(clips) with better promotions.when i would be in the eager to purchase clips(s),i would go to thec4s category,browse through and probably buy more vids-clips.hassle free searching because it's in one area.i don't know about any of you,but i don't remember all the c4s gals all at once,but this way, it could be at a glance. i would guess that c4s gals would the love idea that their vid-clips are easier to obtain.Quicker, that's right a faster way to enjoy their craft. the c4s gals should consider the idea because they could shine better and not lost in the shuffle.PLEASE,c4s gals,don't get the idea that by doing this, is a way to putting you second rate,placing you aside,it's was no intention to to this. if anything it would be a fantastic distinction to have your own venue to a business sense (c4s)you could keep track in a clearer manner,also get more input from here to get a stronger pulse on closing--it would instill a major incentive for the c4s gals because the opportunity to have better commerce and more exposure is immense!
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