Do we need a Hall of Fame?

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Should the Forum Create an All-Time "Best Of" Sticky?

Yes, it would make the very best content more available and provide recognition to those who post it.
No, it would only clutter the board, leaving less room for fresh content on the main page.
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Do we need a Hall of Fame?

Postby Pithiest Flicks » Sun May 29, 2011 6:40 pm

With so much content--especially C4S-- coming in and staying high up in the listings due to number of replies, I wonder if it's time to create a "Best Of" Sticky and give special recognition to the members who contribute it.

Perhaps this could be based on lifetime Likes.

Advantages to this idea include rewarding members for posting quality over quantity, creating easy access to the very best posts even after they're no longer receiving replies, and hopefully reducing reposts.

Disadvantages include another Sticky on the main page.

We've already discussed the C4S posts and I'm happy with our decision, but I'm concerned they're pushing other, equally worthy content down below the fold, where it becomes less accessible to those who don't visit as often.

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