A summer girlfriend

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A summer girlfriend

Postby birdogg » Tue Mar 14, 2017 5:50 am

So I was recently reminded of a couple weeks on summer when I was stay with my cousins. A girl that was friends with one of my female cousins friend requested me on facebook. Being that I had not seen or heard of her in about 30 years I had to ask a few questions to find out who she was. She reminded me of the 2 weeks we spent together that summer and it all came back to me like it was yesterday.

So one of many summers I spent staying with my cousins, spent most of our time at the local lake beach. I had 3 female cousins, 1 that was about the same age as me. And a older male cousin. He worked throughout the day as did the next youngest female cousin. The last was the youngest so she went somewhere with her friends. So the same aged girl cousin and I hung out a lot with her girlfriends. We were at the beach everyday since there no A/C at the house and it was sweltering hot. One hot day the my cousin her friend (I'll call her Jenn) got out of the water during a mandatory break. We realized it was about time to start walking back home once we got to our towels. So we started getting our things together. Jenn was going thru her bag, brushing her hair and all the normal things girls do. We were in no hurry so I lied down and closed my eye for a little bit waiting for Jenn and my cousin to get ready to go. They were both at the age where they started to wear makeup so they had to have it on whenever they could. Well apparently Jenn had decided apply her lipstick. Well it being so hot out, it didn't completely melt her lipstick but it was very soft. She found this out as she tried to put it on and go a lot more than she wanted on her lips. Well now she had gobs of warm lipstick on and didn't know what to do with all the extra. That is until she seen me laying there with my eyes closed. She lean over me and kissed me right on the lips. I opened my eyes in a little shock and saw my cousins hot friend right there and began to kiss her back. This lasted a few seconds and Jenn went back to fixing her lipstick. A few minutes later she was straddling me. I was still a bit dazed from the kiss and kinda taken away as I lay there with my lips smothered in the brightest pink lipstick I had ever seen. now I have a very good looking girl straddling me with a bikini on and her ass right on my now hardening cock. As I opened my eyes again I see her coming in for another kiss as she lays her breasts on my chest. Withing less than a minute my cousin interrupted up to say we needed to leave. Jenn helped clean her lipstick off me and we all walked home. Jenn and I holding hands the whole time. I was in my own heaven. I no had a attractive blonde girlfriend that wore lipstick and kissing my with it on. That night after dinner we met up in a spot by the park and went at it again. This time her lipstick wasn't so soft. She had put on h the same lipstick and added a creamy pink lipgloss. She also wasn't only kissing me on the lips anymore. She was cov9 my with hot pink lipstick kisses from collar bone ti the top of my forehead. Nibbling on my ears. Just making sure not to miss a spot. She kept reapplying and kissing me aggressively. I just held her close with both hands on her ass. All I could smell or taste was her lipstick and gloss. This went on everywhere and anytime we could get together. She had dark red lipstick on one day, and bright red another day. I slept in one morning from staying up late the night before and was awaken by her smothering me with lipstick kisses. My cousin had let her in. It was pure bliss. I had requested that she kiss me one day in all the shades she had. When she was finished my lips felt likemy lips were glued together. One time were in our spot by the park where we couldn't be seen she decided to grind on my erection and I came in my pants. I think she did too. Then when I was leaving the next day to go home I got a real treat. Before she began kissing me she pulled her tube top off and pulled my face into her breasts. Got to lick and suck on her tits for a few minutes in my cousins basement. Then we left and went to make out again. I came home that night for the first time coveredin several colors of lipstick and lipgloss. My aunt and uncle were not too impressed. What I would give to go back to those10 or so days.

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