Mary and Reba

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Mary and Reba

Postby budmangt60 » Sun Oct 23, 2016 12:31 pm

The first time i met my Mothers new women friends is when she invited them over for coffee after a PTA meeting, I came in from school and the first thing i did was go right to the kitchen for a snack! From the living room, i could see them at the kitchen table! they were laughing and talking, My Mom had women over before, so I was used to not being shy around strangers in the house!

I walked by them not saying a word to get a glass for my milk!, The one with the Dark Berry Red lipstick said, Well what do we have here Mary?" the other one with the bright Cherry Red lipstick said, Well Reba i think we have a real cutie pie here He,He! " she giggled. When i heard her say that i felt a little apprehensive!

I sat my glass down on the table and pour milk into it then went to get some cookies not saying a word, when i went to pick up my glass of milk I saw Bright Cherry Red lipstick marks were all around the rim of the Glass and the milk had a swirl of lipstick floating in it.

I felt flush in my face as Mary said, "something wrong sweetie Hmmmm?"

Reba said firmly,We got your attention now don't we! It's not nice not to introduce yourself, Boy!"

They both stood up and surrounded me real close on both sides blocking me in! Mary said, "My name is Mary and i think I'll give you a big kiss for a start!" and she kissed me on the cheek real firm for like 10 seconds,"Mmmmmmmmuah!"

I could feel the sticky weight of the lipstick print sticking to my cheek.

Reba said and did the same thing on my other cheek leaving a big sticky dark Red lipstick print.

"Now! your turn, tell us your name and give us a big kiss!" Reba sang out!

I remember hesitating and then said, "My name is Buddy" i went to kiss Mary on the cheek but she said, "Uh no way! On my lips sweetie, i want a kiss on the lips!"

And she puckered up these full thick glossy Red lips taking my head in her hands and before i knew what happen her lips were on my lips kissing me for a 10-second kiss, "Mmmmmmmmmmm POP! went the kiss"

I remember feeling a funny fluttering in my stomach as she kissed me!

I could feel the weight of the lipstick clinging to my lips!

Reba swung me around to face her saying, "Now my turn for a kiss little hello!" Before i could clear my head from Mary's kiss! Reba was kissing me full on the lips, I felt this fluttering in my stomach as she kissed me also "Mmmmmmm POP!" went another sticky kiss on my lips leaving even more lipstick on my lips!

My mother was in the basement doing wash, she yelled up to me, "Buddy is that you up there? don't be bothering those two nice ladies you hear!"

They heard her coming up the stairs and said to me "Quick take your milk and get upstairs and clean off all that lipstick that you got on your face and make sure you drink all your lipstick milk up Ha,Ha!" :lips: :lips:

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Re: Mary and Reba

Postby joe » Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:22 pm

WOW! Was that the only time they kissed you or were there more? :mrgreen:
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Re: Mary and Reba

Postby ted » Tue Oct 25, 2016 3:35 pm

Every kids dream, Wish that would have happen to me!
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Re: Mary and Reba

Postby dan » Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:00 pm

I had an experience like that when i was a kid with one of my sister's friends.
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