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rachel stories

Postby santa123 » Fri Dec 01, 2017 11:56 pm

does anyone have more stories from a user named Rachel? they are incredible! thanks
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Re: rachel stories

Postby santa123 » Thu Dec 21, 2017 10:57 am

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Re: rachel stories

Postby Pinkerton Trunks » Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:37 pm

Rachel Story - Friday Night

Sara and I decided to invite a friend over who we knew loves lipstick as do
we. He likes it a LOT! He was more than willing to end whatever he was doing
to come over. He is a really nice young man who we have shared before. He's
kind, cute, a wonderful lover, and he comes in gallons, which is nice.

Anyway, when he arrived, we were already a bit tipsy, were wearing a TON of
makeup (but no lipstick, yet) and we fed him several drinks to catch him up,
and then walked him up the stairs to the bedroom. We threw him onto the bed,
undressed him unceremoniously, and then immediately excused ourselves, leaving
him naked on top of the sheets. (what a body...he was as hard as a rock...he
knew what was coming).

In the bathroom, Sara and I undressed and laboriously lined our lips with a
dark liner, and filled them in (we both have very full lips) with as much lipstick
as one could possibly apply (Sara wore Lancome Redale Rouge Creme and I maxed
out on Clinique Deep Laquer). When we returned (we brought our lipstick, and
some gloss, with us, of course), Brian was already oozing like crazy, and when
he saw our mouths, he began to pant like an animal.

We laid on either side of him and licked each other's tongues just above his
face for a few minutes, taking care not to smear the works of art on our lips.
Then, I kissed Brian, lightly, sensuously, slowly, as Sara (we planned this)
covered her already drenched lips with Max Factor clear gloss, using a brush
and doing it right above Brian's eyes, so he could watch her as I kissed him
more deeply now. After a couple of minutes, highlighted by his groaning, I
gave his mouth to Sara.

I had covered his lips with the Deep Laquer, but Sara's mouth was coated ridiculously
thickly with the Rouge, topped by an almost dripping layer of gloss, which he
had watched her apply. As she kissed him, his beautiful penis twitched and
oozed some more (it was all I could do not to lick his drippings and suck him
off right there, but I had promised Sara I would stick to the plan) and I busied
myself putting on more and more of the dark creme. We took turns, for quite
some time, kissing and reapplying, kissing and reapplying, until Brian (who
has a major lipstick fetish) announced that he was about to orgasm, though we
had yet to touch him down there (he may have touched himself, but I didn't think
so). Sara was kissing him at the time and she stopped immediately as we both
inspected his beautiful penis.

He had a pool of semen in his navel, and he was obviously close to coming, so
we didn't touch him anymore for a few minutes as we both straightened up our
makeup (we left his face, which was smeared like you wouldn't believe, alone)
and reapplied great amounts of gloss to our lips as we prepared to drink from
his manhood. As we had secretly agreed, we had Brian toss a penny
to determine who would drink his first load (I was heads), and Sara won the
toss (which didn't make me happy, but I knew I would get the second load, which,
in Brian's case, is larger than most guys' first) and we moved down by his penis
and licked up the precum pooled there. Then, we lifted his sweet dick up and
we took turns kissing and lip massaging his beautiful tip with our saturated
lips while he watched us cover it with gloss and color. This did not last long
at all, and I begrudgingly moved down and sucked his balls as Sara received
and began to (try to) swallow Brian's sperm. I could hardly stay the course
because he was wiggling all over. Sara hungrily nursed his lipstick-covered
head, and I could see her throat working like crazy to swallow his ejaculate
(she got most of it, but I licked up the excess coming out of the corners of
her mouth; it was pink from all the lipstick it had mingled with, and it was

After giving Brian a few minutes to rest, while Sara (she couldn't believe how
much he came) and I went back into the bathroom to freshen our makeup (I was
so drunk and hot by now that I could have sucked off a Fraternity-I've done
that, by the way), we came back to bed and I asked him to get on his hands and
knees and fuck my mouth (I propped up my head with
pillows), which he happily agreed to do. As soon as he began to stroke between
my sticky lips, Sara went around behind him and, after sucking his balls for
a few minutes, put on even more lipstick and began to tongue his anus. He was
groaning so loud from that that she wasn't even aware of his second orgasm,
which he and I both kept secret (it was so voluminous and tasty) as he never
lost his hardness and was able to give me another load soon, what with her tongueing
him that way.

After Brian's third orgasm, (Sara thought it was only his second), we went back
to the kissing, reapplying, kissing, reapplying, knowing that our lipstick would
make him hard again so that he could fuck us for a long time without stopping,
which he did, making us orgasm over and over, as we fucked him and continued
to smear lipstick on his mouth, balls, ass, everywhere. It was an incredible
evening, and when Sara and I had worn him out, we let him watch us 69 until
we came again!

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Re: rachel stories

Postby Pinkerton Trunks » Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:41 pm

...and another one...

I am wide awake and still trembling from our escapade. When Sara and I got
to the party, we split up so that she could go up to the man of the hour (Rick)
first, and then later introduce him to me. He arrived late and we enjoyed the
party in general (delicious hors d'oeuvres and plenty to drink...we did) and
everything turned out perfectly. I watched as Sara went up to him, and I could
actually see him bulge in his pants as she reintroduced herself (with a huge,
blackberry lipstick kiss). And, when she introduced me soon thereafter, he
was completely flustered (I, of course, kissed him also, covering him in red).
We teased him a while and went back to partying, but after about an hour and
a half, we went into the bathroom, touched up our mouths to overdone perfection,
and invited him back to our place for a nightcap. I was driving and Sara was
in the back seat with Rick, kissing the shit out of him.

When we got home, we took him straight to bed, and took turns kissing him, reglossing
our lips between each kiss, until he was swimming in our red and blackberry
lipstick. After about 15 minutes of this, Sara failed to interrupt Rick's and
my kiss as before. It was so quiet in the bedroom that we could hear each other
breathing, and, during this kiss, I heard the sound of his belt buckle and zipper,
and I knew that Sara was not going to be replacing me for a while.

I pulled my lips away and saw Sara begin to kiss the tip of the second largest
penis I have ever seen. I almost came watching her lick and smear his head,
but his moaning brought me back to the task at hand. I took some roll-on gloss
from the night table and rolled it on my lips, then on his, back and forth until
I could get no more on either of us. He began to groan through his heavy breathing
and I suspected he would soon come, so I brought my lips down on his again for
an incredibly sticky kiss. I soon felt his body tighten and then I heard Sara
begin to moan and I knew he was there. His body started spasming, but I held
our kiss. Sara let out a huge, muffled groan and I guessed that Rick was filling
her mouth with a substantial load (I later found out just how large) and I was
envious, wishing that I had been the one drinking his semen. After several
minutes of continued kissing, Sara was still down there, so I knew she was getting
ready to suck him off again. I broke our kiss, went down between his legs and
licked and kissed his balls while she sucked. I finally decided it was my turn
and I put on more gloss, grabbed his blackberry saturated penis, and pulled
it out of Sara's mouth. She grudgingly allowed us to change places, and I "nursed"
the head of this huge thing until he came again (I came with him). Sara, who
had been sucking his balls, pushed his legs up as she heard him start to moan,
and forced her tongue into his asshole as I was rewarded with a large amount
of sperm. We both sucked him off one more time before he left and he is planning
to come back over tomorrow night. By the way, Sara and I sixty-nined, after
he left, to huge orgasms.

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Re: rachel stories

Postby santa123 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:24 pm

thanks for sharing! got any more or know where Rachel went lol?
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Re: rachel stories

Postby Pinkerton Trunks » Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:56 pm

About Last Night

I know, Ive been thinking the same thing. There's no way last night could top
Tuesday. Well, maybe. We had a loving, kind of huggy/corny day yesterday.
We went site seeing, out to brunch, cruised the old campus a bit (the college
kids look like high school freshmen now), and spent the afternoon bar-hopping.
We came home and cooked some steaks on the grill, had our usual champagne
on, and teased Brian and David mercilessly (not to mention torturing them with
suggestions of what the night might bring, bolstered with numerous kisses, and
you know what kind of which I speak).

After dinner, we all bathed, the guys in the guest room (a 30 minute process
of shaving and getting wet) and us in my bathroom (over 2 hours of washing,
shampooing, primping, dressing, and planning, etc.). It was after 9 when we
emerged, dressed in revealing wear, smelling delicious as can be, and, of course,
made up to the hilt. We asked the boys to make some frozen daiquiris, and they
were more than happy to promote our lack of inhibitions, if that's possible.
We had decided, in the bathroom, to start the evening by remembering Brians
21st Birthday, which featured a party (more like a secret attack) thrown for
him by the girls at the Lipstick Club in 1989 and, I believe, the only time
that all 8 of us made love to one boy. We knew the retelling of this would
both embarrass and arouse Brian, and probably drive David out of his mind with
awe and lust. I know Ive said this before, but Brian was/is not only an attractive
and romantic man, but also a wonderful person, whom we all loved as a best
friend and brother (except not in the brotherly sense when it came to sex). If we
4 hadn't been there for the retelling, many details probably would have been
left out, and it is still, to me now, quite a tale. It was quite a night, and
it was all for him though I'll never forget, nor will, I bet the others.

December 10th, 1989, Gainesville, FL, about 4 PM, a large house on NW 22nd
We had set Brian up, luring him to the Club under the pretext of helping us
fix a toilet, of all things. We had only known him since September. It was
actually I who had identified him as a lipstick freak, caught him staring at me,
and actually squirming in his seat as he watched me freshen in the Student Center.
I confronted him, made him confess to his obsession, kissed him smearingly
right on the spot, and gave him my phone # after noticing the immediate bulge
in his pants (that was me, the shy one). I was thrilled to have found a male
lipstick lover as hunky as he, and he was soon visiting and had been with Sara
and me, and, I believe, Deirdre, a couple of times. He was so sweet and so
cute and so easily turned on by our lips that we decided to take him to the
limit on his BDay (which, as I recall, was actually a few days later in the
middle of the week.

When Brian arrived, I answered the door, let him in, led him to believe I was
alone, and took him into the bedroom where the supposed toilet was defunct.
I was acting very flirtatious around him but, for the first time since he'd
met me, I was wearing no makeup at all, which must have added to the duping
of him. Before you work on the toilet, I said, I want to try a little experiment
on you. I told him I had purchased this new lipstick, wanted him to be the
first (was he honored?) to sample its properties, yada, yada, yada. Would he
lie back, let me blindfold him (so he couldn't tell what it was, yada) and put
on some for just one kiss. He laughed out loud, said yes, of course, flopped
back onto the bed and played along. I put on the blindfold and he heard me go into the bathroom.
He was very patient. I was in there a long time, putting on (I have no recollection
what it was) as much base, tube lipstick (the kind that you could put on really
thick), expensive gloss (and tons of it), topped by roll-on gloss that I applied
till it dripped down my chin and had to be wiped off. What he didn't know is
that there were 7 other girls being deathly quiet in the next room, who had
all prepared their lips similarly. I walked back in, told him (he went along,
duh) I needed to tie his hands to the bedposts so he wouldn't move the blindfold
to peek and spoil the experiment. After he was tied (and that was the girls
clue to start tiptoeing in), I leaned across his upper body on the bed and asked
him to guess, just from my one kiss, what I was wearing. Brian knew a lot about
lipstick and was probably thinking this would be Coty this or Revlon that.
When I held his face with my hands and brought my full lips, quadruple caked,
coated, glossed and shine-soaked, down to his, pressing onto his mouth so slowly
and gradually that he might have been able to discern each of the 4 changes
in consistency, he moaned and arched his back, almost lurching, his breathing
and heart rate doubling and perhaps tripling in seconds. I kissed him slowly
and softly and for a long time, at least long enough for all the other girls
to sneak up to and around the bed (they later told me that they could actually
see his penis grow so fast, when I kissed him, that it moved up his jeans from
lying half soft across the pant leg to straight up under the zipper in a flash).
He was moaning, his lower body writhing and twisting. I had to hold his face
tightly to continue kissing him, and I guarantee you that he had never experienced
a kiss from lips done up like mine at that moment. Remember that all of the
others had done the same base/tube/sponge app./roll-on to ludicrous thickness
and depth (yes, we all loved Brian and were well aware of his extreme fetish
fantasies). I finally pulled away, my lips virtually suctioning his and mine
both as I retreated, the stickiness and thickness of my paint actually making
slurping sounds as our mouths separated. I kept my lips about a centimeter
from his nostrils as I asked him Did you like that? I think he said something
like God, help me and moved his lips against each other to sample what Id
(it was a lot) and inhaled to smell the perfume of my several rouges. I then
said, I just want to try one more thing, OK? He just moaned and squirmed and
nodded. That was when we pounced. He was likely thinking that I was actually
going to put on something different, his mind probably racing trying to figure
out what the hell that concoction with which he'd just been assailed was, his
core fetish fantasies already seemingly attained, no? No. Oh, no. What awaited
him was far beyond what he or any fetishist could imagine.
I hope this story does more to inspire and arouse than frustrate, but I realize
that what we did to Brian that night is beyond rare, and how sad.
As I pulled my lips away, at least half of their previous adornment now smeared
in a pond of color (red) and shiny goo onto Brians lips. I'm sure he was thinking
it would be a few minutes or so before I returned. I knew (and was right) that
he certainly wasn't going to say, you said just one kiss I need to get at that
toilet, and he was still tightly tied, anyway. At any rate, he had to know
that it would take me a couple minutes to freshen up, or to do whatever. So,
imagine his surprise when, less than five seconds after I'd said one more thing
as I withdrew, another mouth (by the way it, it was Candace, then only 18,
someone he'd never kissed), adorned as mine had been, swooped down to kiss his already
saturated lips. Brian has since confirmed to me that he had no idea the others
were there with us, their stealth approach having been completely successful.
I often have thought about what that first instance of the electric touch of
Candaces full (and then some) lips, layered so thickly you might have measured
its depth with a ruler, did to Brians brain. There had to be that instant quandary
of how I might possibly have re-caked, -coated and -soaked my lips so quickly,
soon giving way (no two womens kisses are exactly alike) to the reality that
another set of unimaginably (till now) drenched lips were now kissing him, only
now fuller, more liquid this kiss (we had all agreed to kiss him very fully,
yet softly) from what I had already left to add to Candaces fresh layers. After
about two or three seconds, when it dawned on him that two women were going
to be kissing him, he moaned loudly, steadily, muffled under Candaces puffy
lips, but audible, non-stop, unashamed (another thing we liked about Brian).
She kissed him wetly and succulently for at least 5 minutes, their lips actually
making those sticky, clicking sounds as she moved her lips over his. No one
in the room said a word or made a sound as Candace finally pulled away, her
lips making a popping sound as she did, only to be replaced almost immediately
by another set of strange lips swimming in color and goo. I doubt Brian had
enough blood flowing to his brain to even keep track of the numbers of different
lips that kept replacing those prior. By the time (this had been going on for
at least 30 minutes) the last member had delivered her original kiss, Brians
jeans, near the snap, through flannel boxer underwear and thick denim, double-
seamed at the zipper, had a wet spot the size of a silver dollar on them. I have to
tell you that I have never ever seen a man in such bliss, and carrying out this
plan so effectively did something to us. Most of us, though trying to initially
keep quiet, had our fingers between our legs as we watched him writhe and
listened to him moan steadily, like an 11 year-old having his first wet dream. The whole
night was beyond my comprehension, as though we had thought of all these
particular things to do to a deserving person we cared about, things we knew would get
to the core of his fetish fantasies, yet we had no inkling of the depth of its
ultimate effect on him, or us. It seems, on the surface, to be a purely sexual
event (and was, I guess, planned to be), but it wasn't it was so much more. I
would do it again, but it would only be worth doing with the right people, and
with a man who is good to the core, as is Brian.

Obviously, we first kissers had more than plenty of time to reapply. As I,
the first/ninth in line, returned to kiss Brian (still hand-tied to the bedpost
and blind-folded) again, I said Happy Birthday as I took his cute face in my
hands. My second kiss was the next cue. The hands on his face which held him
as I lowered my lips to his, I have never felt a kiss where lips were so anointed
after 8 kisses x 4 layers each of lipstick and gloss
and so gooey that it made me climax when I squeezed my legs together trying
to grasp the extent of lubrication of our kiss) were now joined by 14 other
hands, rubbing all over Brians body, massaging him everywhere, changing
strategy from slow and covert to thorough, naughty and wanton. Two minutes into our
kiss, Brians clothes were off, including his jeans and boxers (from which, it
is rumored to this day, my pervert friend Sara sucked the wet spots), and all
of his anatomy was attacked by feminine hands and creamy red (or darker, as
I recall) lips. I pulled my kissing lips away to instruct all not to touch
his cock, which I knew would be so primed that it would ejaculate if a breeze
brushed it. They fell for the ploy and went about putting kiss marks on his
chest, arms, stomach, and balls, even legs. They lifted his knees up and kiss-
branded his butt until it was covered with red lip-prints, Sara and Deirdre then taking
turns licking and tongue-fucking his anus. Candace was next in line, and well
prepared, for her second kiss (Brains 10th). I pulled my lips away with a pop
and whispered into Brains ear that I was going to put on his favorite red lipstick
(and mine, Cherries in the Snow) and suck his cock until the others pulled me
off of it. I told him that I knew it would be difficult, but I wanted him to
keep his first orgasm a secret (he'd been moaning loudly all along anyway)
between us, only letting on after I'd swallowed his second load. I let Candace take
over, applied a fresh coat of Cherries, eased my lips down and just lightly
kissed the tip of his penis. He instantly erupted between my lips (sometimes
I hate being right), which I pressed against his head tightly as he came and
came and came. Until he passed out (and he did eventually pass out, literally),
he was being kissed, sucked (BTW, I did get the first 2 loads, so sweet), his
balls smeared and sucked and kissed, his anus tongued, his cock jacked off
between painted lips, tit-fucked (Terris specialty) all 8 of us were using all of our
powers and all of our lipstick to extract as many ejaculations from this then
21 year-olds cock as was possible. I'm sure he came at least seven times, maybe
8 or even 10 over the 8 or so hours. None of us will ever forget it, and the
retelling, as I had predicted, drove both David and Brian to high states of

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Re: rachel stories

Postby Pinkerton Trunks » Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:37 pm

He Didn't Suspect A Thing,

probably because he was so focused on Christmas night, hoping for more of same.
Anyway, everything went according to plan. After a few drinks and some "smackymouth"
(oh, yes, I was adorned in Lancome le red/le rouge creme, slicked over with
Lancome lip brio) downstairs, I invited him up to my bedroom (he had no idea
Sara was in the bathroom) undressed him and laid him on the bed, and went in
the bathroom to finalize plans and "freshen up". I came out with
heavy makeup and dark, thick eyeshadow, but void of lipstick. He seemed a little
surprised and disappointed at first, but then I produced the tube and the gloss
and asked him if he wanted me to be wearing any. He was panting, but he got
out a "yes", at which time I told him he would be applying it, and
then I laid on my back on the bed, still wearing panties and a bra which hid
little of my "lot". He was shaking trying to hold the tube still
enough to spread the red cream on my mouth, but he really impressed me (and
turned me on) with how much he put on my lips and he went crazy with the gloss,
almost gluing my lips together. I could see his penis leaking profusely as
I told him I wanted him on his knees on the middle of my kingsized bed, with
his head down on a pillow and not to move, NO MATTER WHAT. He agreed, assumed
the position, and I, supine, scooted my head up between his legs, so that his
beautiful monster was oozing just above my lips. He obeyed and lay still as
I licked his juices from his eye slit for about ten minutes. Then I began softly
kissing his tip (the sticky feeling was wonderful), massaging it with my gloss
as he squirmed, nursing it as would a baby a nipple, still not pressing hard
enough to penetrate the layers of gloss and lipstick. The feeling must have
been incredible for him, too as, my hands on his butt, I held him as still as
possible as I made sticky, smeary love to his cock head, knowing he wouldn't
last much longer. It was then that Sara came out of the bathroom and snuck
up behind.
I moved my hands from his ass to his balls, and she placed her hands on his
cheeks where mine had been. He jerked a bit, said "who the hell is that",
and Sara answered only with her name and we both held him still. We traded
places with our hands again, and she lifted his heavy balls back and up so that
she could kiss and suck them (I can guarantee that was a sticky experience for
him, too) while I continued to caress his glans with my wet lips. It didn't
take long for him to begin twitching and groaning and, as planned, I spread
his cheeks apart so that Sara, who continued to massage his balls, could force
her tongue deep into his anus as he began to ooze, then squirt, a very healthy
load of semen between my lips, which I savored and swallowed, never breaking
the cohesion between the gloss still on my mouth and the gloss all over his
He came a lot and for a long time, and I think he must have come at least 4
more times before we let him sleep (about half as many times as I came). It
was incredible! We fucked him and sucked him like there was no tomorrow, sitting
on his face and cock, snowballing his loads, letting him make love to our cleavage
as our repainted mouths were making love to the tip of his cock. And Sara and
I made love to each other as we were doing him, sucking him off together while
we kissed, and doing 69 as he penetrated whoever was on top at the moment.
I think this guy is a keeper, and I can't wait for his next visit!

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Re: rachel stories

Postby santa123 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:18 am

EPIC!!! thanks for sharing pls post more if you have

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Re: rachel stories

Postby PSPWIFE » Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:16 am

agree ! :)

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Re: rachel stories

Postby Pinkerton Trunks » Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:53 pm

About 6 weeks ago, I was invited to a party given by one of my accounts. It
was at his ranch home out in nowhere, and it was a fairly raucous event. The
house is huge, spread out, and there was much partying and a sufficient number
of us single, twenty-something people. I had a great time, knew I wouldn't
know a soul there (except the host, who is cool) and I went with a very low
cut top (red), which perfectly matched my lips and nails. I had a great time,
met many interesting people (including a hot married, but bi, lady, whom I've
since "seen" - but that's another story) and received the exact response
I expected...none of the men could take their eyes off of my cleavage, which
I must (forgive my bragging) say is fairly awesome. But, there was this one
guy; a tall, cute, rather shy "kid" (about 21) who absolutely could
not take his eyes off of my mouth. I actually caught him following me, positioning
himself to look at my lips on two occasions, but he never came up to me to talk.

After I realized what was going on, I went to the bathroom, reapplied a very
heavy layer of my "cherries in the snow", and went right up to him
when he was alone and said, "I don't understand why you are the only guy
here who isn't staring at my boobs; are you gay?" (I love it when I'm
drunk and say bizarre things.) He turned 8 shades of red (I had him cornered)
and said something like "I, I, no, I'm not, I, I just didn't want to, you
know, be like the rest". I put my face up close to his and told him I
knew precisely why he wasn't ogling my cleavage; and walked away.

About an hour later (he still kept looking at me) I saw him alone again and
approached him and asked him for a ride home. He said "sure" and
we headed towards his car. As we approached it (a convertible), I said I should
probably pee before we go and I went back to the bathroom. Then, I not only
maxed out on the "cherries", I covered my lipstick with an "ocean"
of red, Estee Lauder Doublegloss, so thick you could see the depth of it. I
went directly outside, walked right up to his car, went up to the door on the
driver's side where he was seated, grabbed his face with my hands, pushed his
head back against the headrest, and gave him the most luscious, sensual, sticky,
smearing, deep (no tongue), wet, long-lasting kiss he has ever (I'm sure) had
in his young life. He was breathing like a locomotive by the time I released
his mouth and went around to the passenger's seat, saying "let's go."
I never looked at him; I just pulled down the mirror and began repairing my
lipstick. I had big plans for him when we got to my house.

Of course he accepted my offer to come inside (I had been applying lipstick
in his car for 20 miles), and I was very excited and led him right to the bedroom.
I undressed him immediately (what a body he had) and laid him on his back.
The overhead light was on and I turned the night table lamp on, too and brought
my lips up close to his eyes so that he could see just how much I was wearing
(I'm sure he could smell it, also). His chest was heaving as I brought my mouth
down to his softly (his was still covered from the car kiss) and kissed him
for a long time. I finally stopped, excused myself to the bathroom (noticing
that his cock was oozing like crazy) and returned with a roll-on gloss, and
proceeded to drench my lips and kiss him alternately, over and over until our
kisses couldn't get any wetter or stickier and I was sure he was about to come
(I still had not touched him there). I then excused myself again, went into
the bathroom, put on a superthick layer of Estee Lauder red doublegloss (which
I brought back to the bedroom), and returned (still dressed), slid up between
his legs and kissed the tip of him, smearing the red all over the head so he
could see. It didn't last long enough and his entire body tightened as he began
to fill my mouth with a lot of semen, which I had to swallow regularly to keep
up. I stayed down there about 15 more minutes, using the gloss to bring him
off again. I finally got undressed and we had one of the greatest 69 experiences
of my life (I came several times before he did). It was quite a night and we
got to talk about our "thing" afterward and have been together a dozen
times since.
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Re: rachel stories

Postby Pinkerton Trunks » Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:59 pm

When I was in Boston 2 weeks ago, I met this sweet lady manning an exhibit near
mine. After a short conversation, I knew she was bi and I invited her up to
my room. We had quite a session, talked openly, and I found out that she was
quite into using lipstick to attract men's attention. I told her I was far
beyond that, and she became turned on by my stories. She said she would like
to join me in a "venture" so, the next night, we laid a plan.

We went down to the Hotel's lounge at the end of the day, dressed to the hilt
in revealing cocktail gowns and "come fuck me" shoes and...wearing
enough lipstick and gloss to slow down, if not sink, the Titanic. Needless
to say, we received a lot of "double-takes"! Two cute guys, "suits"
both about 30, came over and sat with us to talk for a while. Tammy and I made
sure to look lovingly at each other often, and to lick our lips regularly when
we were making eye contact with these two. They were getting hot as hell, and
after covering my martini glass with Revlon "shiny plum", I made a
big production about refreshing my full lips with another thick coat. It wasn't
long after that (we were all quite tipsy) that we invited them up to the room.

Tammy and I went into the bathroom to "freshen up", finalized our
plans, put on more lipstick and gloss (she is tanned and wore a Covergirl Orange)
and emerged wearing absolutely nothing. We made them watch as we french kissed
lightly, being careful not to smear too much, and eventually worked ourselves
into a 69 position, with her on top. We used our tongues only (to save our
lipstick for their penises) and I could hear them breathing very hard as they
watched. I finally had to ask these shy guys to join in.

They couldn't get their clothes off fast enough, and one of them got above my
face behind Tammy to do her "doggy style". I assisted him with his
entry, but not before smearing lipstick all over his head. The other man went
to the other side, and I could hear Tammy sucking him loudly and him groaning.
I eventually felt him enter me, which felt wonderful because she was still
licking me, but I was mostly focused on licking Tammy and the balls of the guy
by my face. I also pulled his cock out of her a couple times to suck and smear
it as I tasted her juices, and I was ready when I heard him start to moan and
felt him stiffen, removing his penis from her just in time to drink a delicious,
and quite voluminous, load. I think the same thing happened on Tammy's end,
because the guy down there definitely pulled out as he came, much to my chagrin.

They changed sides (and we put on more lipstick) several times, and I swallowed
4 ejaculations during the night, but I must have orgasmed 15 times myself.
There is nothing quite like being licked by a woman while you are being screwed
by a stud, all while having access to the balls and cock and semen of another
man. It was quite a night, and I think Tammy is coming down to visit after
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Re: rachel stories

Postby Pinkerton Trunks » Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:02 pm

I don't think I've yet posted the story of our trip to Daytona our Senior year
(seems so long ago, now). Sara and I rented a room for the week of our last
Spring Break (Georgian Inn, I'll NEVER forget it. Two guys (Alan & Perry)
we knew, roommates from UF, were supposed to meet us there, but Alan called
Friday morning and told us, apologetically, that Perry couldn't come. I remember
cupping the phone for a sec, relaying the info to Sara, who agreed that we should
just tell Alan to come over by himself. We knew that Alan was into lipstick...Perry
was an unknown we had hoped to convert (we later did, but that's another story),
and we agreed that it might be fun to "max Alan out"!

Alan agreed and came on his own Friday evening, arriving while Sara and I were
a bit tipsy after a full day of drinking. We proceeded to get him drunk, too
(we had never been alone with Alan, but he had revealed his interest in makeup),
and then excused ourselves to the bathroom for a few minutes. When we came
back (we were gone for a while), we were made up to the hilt, every detail overdone,
dressed in (Sara, black; me, red) bra and panties only, our lips painted the
same colors as our underwear. He was FROZEN, almost in shock as we sat down
on either side of him, our red and blackberry lips so coated with that clear,
roll-on gloss, which was so popular at the time, that I bet he could see his
reflection in it. Of course, we brought the "tools" with us to the
couch, displaying them obviously. He did not know what to do or say. He just
started squirming and breathing heavily and turning his eyes back and forth,
to look at our unbelievable makeup jobs. Sara grabbed his face first, and planted
a deep, smearing, blackberrry kiss onto him as I, from the other side, rubbed
(his instantly hard) penis, and unzipped his pants to release it. After about
3 or 4 minutes, I grabbed his face and pulled it away from Sara's lips. As
I turned him toward me, I was so turned on by his smeared mouth and his glazed
eyes! I pulled him to my swimming lips and kissed him so softly, allowing our
glossy lips to just stick together, as Sara took over the rubbing duties. About
two minutes into this great kiss (Sara was reapplying and stroking him), he
lost it and started to ejaculate, and she immediately ceased putting on her
gloss so that she could dive down and suck him. It was quite a surprise, and
I wasn't too happy about her getting his first load, but it was quite a turn
on, and we continued to take turns kissing him, rubbing him, him rubbing us,
and putting on more lipstick and gloss between each kissing and sucking activity,
until we had all climaxed about 4 times and passed out. We didn't wake up until
about noon the next day, and the rest of the weekend was filled with some great,
kinky, lipstick-filled, 3-way, lovemaking! I'll never forget it.
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