How to determine the nature of the form of lipstick

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How to determine the nature of the form of lipstick

Postby LuisArgomento » Sun Nov 13, 2016 7:38 pm

The interesting thing - lipstick. A small tube, and so could talk about his mistress! Each of us, using lipstick, grind it completely differently. And surprisingly, the daily movements of uncomplicated woman unconsciously reveal their own inner world, defining its character cut lipstick. Read more

The rounded shape
Mistress of lipstick with a rounded top charming and know how to use it. Their main feature - the thrift. They love to cook, to petition the house. With all his success, it is required to accuracy and diligence. But its principles are ready to defend by any means - this lady can not be persuaded. One of the main "no" relations without love and a marriage of convenience. They do not care about public opinion. What is complex? They do not know about them. You say that in a fashion purple? It does not matter if your favorite color - yellow. By the way, the girl, whose lipstick has a rounded shape, like bright colors. In the life of this young lady knows how to smooth things over, to turn the situation in a different direction. She is friendly, charming, tactful, punctual, amorous, energetic - is not a dream? Men, if you're willing to put up with the principles of egotism and low stakes, this girl - your ideal. And, by the way, they always choose resistant lipstick - it even the most passionate kisses uneasy. The only thing lacking in this woman - a little sense of humor.

Gradual slope

These girls look like little tornadoes. They're always late, always something to do, they do, in a hurry, inspire and be inspired. And always leave behind a mess. However, they do not notice it - in the world there are many things more important than the order. For example, family, relatives, friends, favorite ... The mood changes with the speed of light. Girls with a lipstick offended literally at all, but just as easy to forget about it, make promises and then not remember them. And at the same time they do not like when they are accused of unreliability and lightheadedness. Millions, billions of affairs - where to get it all?



Beware! Girls with a lipstick love to argue. It makes no sense to them to advise something - make their own way. They are very stubborn and assertive: "I see the goal - go for it!" This person always stands up for the downtrodden, because of what often gets into trouble. This slice lipstick rarely see, and women of such character - a rare case: girl volcano girl meteor: active, cheerful, intelligent, sociable, charismatic, imaginative, slightly sarcastic and a bit secretive. Being all - it's not about her. From the principle does not go in your favorite coffee shop, or give up a cappuccino, as they become favorites for many. This dedicates herself to love, given to the senses, but drops his hands and gets depressed at the first difficulty. In the maelstrom of dives not only with the head but also taking breathing apparatus - to stay there longe.

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